Every child is special...
Just because your child cannot bring good grades in all the subjects doesn't mean he is of no use. Every child has his/her dream. I see Parents who couldn't complete their dream forces their child to complete it. You couldn't complete your dreams has nothing to do with your child. Stop torturing/forcing him/her. Stop treating them as your private property. Ur child is a part of you & deserves to pursue his/her dream. It's parents duty to help them in their journey & keep The Dream alive inside them. If you want a child just because you want to show off in the society, I beg you... please don't bring child in ur life. May be you will succeed in forcing him/her to do what you want & even that child may succeed in accomplishing ur dream but that he will be all broken from inside for rest of his life & most importantly U will lose ur child forever...
Please share the message with all the people you know. It might help a child to prove that,
'Yes, I'm Special...!"

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